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"I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed today’s seminar.   Clearly there was a lot of thought and effort put into delivering such a detailed and up to date presentation and I really appreciate what was provided.   The day exceeded my expectations and I look forward to attending upcoming seminars."

- Brenda Santillo
Human Resources Director
Avionic Instruments

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Date Title
Feb 2017 The Impact of the Trump Administration on Wage-Hour Law
Jan 2017 EANJ Retirement Savings Plan Emerges as a Solution for Small Business
Dec 2016 Employers Decide How to Respond to Nixed Overtime Rule
Nov 2016 EANJ Health Plan Emerging as Strong Alternative
Oct 2016 Employers Association Launches Small Business Loan Program
Sep 2016 Workplace Wellness Programs Underutilized by Small Employers at their Peril
Aug 2016 Task Force Calls On Employers to “Reboot” Harassment Prevention
Jul 2016 Roundtable Focuses on Paid Family Leave
Jun 2016 EANJ Seeks to Persuade Court in Labor-Whistleblowing Case
May 2016 Survey Says Mandatory Paid Sick Leave is No Big Deal for Most Employers
Apr 2016 EANJ Health Plan Offers TeleMedicine
Mar 2016 Paid Sick Days Advance Nationally, Stall Statewide but gain Momentum Locally
Feb 2016 Breaking New Ground, EEOC to Scrutinize Employer Social Media Policies
Jan 2016 Federal Wage and Hour Rules Expected for 2016
Dec 2015 EANJ Launches Retirement Savings Trust for Employers
Nov 2015 Budget Deal Repeals Automatic Health Plan Enrollment
Oct 2015 Final Rule on Pay Transparency Issued
Sep 2015 EANJ Launches HR Law Insights
Aug 2015 EANJ Gears Up for Centennial Year
Jul 2015 Supreme Court Upholds Subsidies on Federal Health Exchanges
Jun 2015 Court Allows Private Lawsuits for Overtime Violations
May 2015 Paid Sick Leave Gets Big Lift from NJ Court
Apr 2015 Employers May Need to Accommodate Pregnancy
Mar 2015 EANJ Takes Aim at the Retirement Savings Crisis
Feb 2015 Association Exec Says N.J. Employers Ready for Obamacare
Jan 2015 Will Unions Ambush Unsuspecting Employers in 2015? EANJ Offers Online Course
Dec 2014 EANJ's HR Law Program Hits 10-Year Milestone
Nov 2014 Pay or Play Employer Penalty Gears Up for January, 2015
Oct 2014 EANJ will enroll uninsured workers in Healthcare Marketplace
Sep 2014 Meeting Will Introduce Tools to Maintain a Healthy Workplace
Aug 2014 Expansion of Unemployment Discrimination Law Likely in New Jersey
Jul 2014 Court Says Employer Can Reject Contraception in Health Plan
Jun 2014 NJ Employers Play Small Role in Reducing Uninsured
May 2014 EANJ's Health Plan Exceeds Enrollment Expectations
Apr 2014 EANJ Makes Mark at Supreme Court
Mar 2014 Is a Paid Sick Day Law on the Horizon?
Feb 2014 John Sarno to Keynote National Healthcare Conference
Jan 2014 Reductions in Hours and Unfair Pay Top Workplace Issues for 2014
Dec 2013 Small Employers at Healthcare Decision Point
Nov 2013 Labor Board Finally Opens for Business
Oct 2013 EANJ Retains Healthcare Advisors
Sep 2013 Health Reform Moves Forward to October 1 Start Date
Aug 2013 "Navigators" Will Help Uninsured in NJ
Jul 2013 John Sarno Appointed to Supreme Court Committee
Jun 2013 N.J. Bill Would Require Employers to Provide Paid Days Off
May 2013 Workforce Wellness Campaign Recognized as 2013 Healthcare Hero
Apr 2013 IRS Proposes Rules on Health Insurer Fee as Employers Look for Options
Mar 2013 When is a Small Employer a "Large Employer" for Healthcare?
Feb 2013 Federal Court Rebukes President's Labor Appointments
Jan 2013 EANJ Weighing Court Decision Limiting Workplace Drug and Alcohol Policies
Dec 2012 Marvin Goldstein, Premier Labor Lawyer Joins EANJ
Nov 2012 Hurricane Sandy Wreaks Havoc for Employers as Pay Decisions Loom
Oct 2012 Agency Uses “Guidance” to Re-Write Law on Background Checks
Sep 2012 Employers Unprepared for Aggressive Labor Board
Aug 2012 Affordable Care Act Upheld - Now What?
Jul 2012 Employers' Association Predicts Higher Premiums from Court Case
Jun 2012 New Jersey Still Ready for Health Care Reform
May 2012 EANJ Recognized as “Health Care Hero”
Apr 2012 Historic Health Care Case Leaves Legal Expert Perplexed
Mar 2012 Labor Board Issues Second Report on Social Media in the Workplace
Feb 2012 EEOC Issues Five-Year Strategic Plan
Jan 2012 EEOC Weighs In on Criminal Background Checks
Dec 2011 Focus on Employee Wellness in the New Year
Nov 2011 Employer Group Tours State on Health Care
Oct 2011 Equal Employment and Unfair Labor Charges Increase
Sep 2011 Employers’ Group Accepts Invitation from State Supreme Court
Aug 2011 Employers’ Group Discusses Decision Upholding Health Care Law
Jul 2011 Employers Association Launches Plan to Cope with Health Costs
Jun 2011 EANJ Annual Meeting Examines Emerging Labor Law
May 2011 New EEOC Rules Catch Employers Unaware
Apr 2011 State to Revise Wage and Hour Rules
Mar 2011 Reinvigorated Labor Board Puts Employers on Notice
Feb 2011 EEOC Reaches Out and Charges of Employer Bias Increase
Jan 2011 Employers Group Launches New Training Initiative
Dec 2010 Labor Department Partners With Lawyers to Police Wage and Hour Violations
Nov 2010 Cost of Health Insurance Tops Employers’ Concerns
Oct 2010 Most Diversity Training Ineffective, Major Study Finds
Sep 2010 Health Care Reform Starts New Era for Employers
Aug 2010 EANJ Enters Big Job Termination Case on Behalf of New Jersey Employers
Jul 2010 Court Boosts Arbitration Agreements
Jun 2010 Federal Health Care Reform Extends Dependent Care Coverage
May 2010 Thinking of Hiring Interns This Summer? Beware.
Apr 2010 What Are New Jersey’s Employers Really Thinking
Mar 2010 News Flash: Court Rules Employer Violated Employee Privacy When Retrieving Emails After Discharge
Mar 2010 Governor Proposes Unemployment Insurance Reform
Feb 2010 Medical Marijuana in the Workplace
Jan 2010 For Some Employers, Bad News Brings Out the Best at Work
Dec 2009 Health care helps retain top talent but harder for employers to afford
Oct 2009 Health Care Reform Would Continue COBRA
Sep 2009 EANJ Weighs In On Whether Employers Can Read Emails
Aug 2009 Health Care Reform Stuck on Costs
Jul 2009 Record Attendance at EANJ Annual Meeting: Employers Learn What’s Next
Jun 2009 Jewish Family Service of Atlantic & Cape May Counties Recognized Exceptional Employer 2009
Jun 2009 Most Employers Prepared for Family Leave Insurance but Many Small Firms Are Still in the Dark
May 2009 EANJ's Annual Meeting a Must Attend for Employers
Apr 2009 Employee Free Choice Stalled for Now
Mar 2009 COBRA Subsidy Program is Down Payment on Health Care Reform
Jan 2009 Work - Family Issues Dominate Legislative Agenda In New Year
Jan 2009 Equal Pay for Women on New President's Agenda
Dec 2008 Delay of Paid Family Leave Unlikely But Employers Need Accurate Information
Nov 2008 New Jersey Reforms Workers
Oct 2008 Employee Blogging Creates Some Difficult Issues for Employers
Sep 2008 Praise the Lord and Pass the Buck: Religion Comes to Work
Aug 2008 "Love Contracts" Gain Acceptance at Many Workplaces
Jul 2008 Solix, Inc. Recognized Exceptional Employer of 2008
Jun 2008 EANJ's Annual Meeting will Focus on What's on the Horizon
May 2008 Universal Health Care on the Horizon for NJ
Apr 2008 Paid Family Leave Comes to New Jersey
Mar 2008 A Unique Training Opportunity for Information-Intensive Firms
Feb 2008 Most Diversity Training Ineffective, Study Finds
Jan 2008 Unfair Discipline in the Workplace Fuels Litigation
Jul 2007 EANJ Members Recognized as Exceptional Employers
Jun 2006 EANJ Members Recognized as Exceptional Employers
Jul 2005 EANJ Members Recognized as Exceptional Employers
Jun 2004 EANJ Members Recognized as Exceptional Employers
Jun 2003 EANJ Members Recognized as Exceptional Employers
Jun 2002 EANJ Members Recognized as Exceptional Employers
Jun 2001 EANJ Members Recognized as Exceptional Employers
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