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"I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed today’s seminar.   Clearly there was a lot of thought and effort put into delivering such a detailed and up to date presentation and I really appreciate what was provided.   The day exceeded my expectations and I look forward to attending upcoming seminars."

- Brenda Santillo
Human Resources Director
Avionic Instruments

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HR Administration Certificate Program

Mastering the Regulations

Laws – regulations – forms - procedures - rights - responsibilities…these factors impact your job every day, making the complex issues of human resources exciting, ever changing and sometimes overwhelming!  This course will provide you with the tools to better understand the regulations and the steps to take for compliance. It will introduce best practices and procedures for administration and to insure preservation of your company’s rights.  This course will utilize advance reading, lecture and practical exercises to reinforce the ideas taught.

Why EANJ's HR Administration Certificate Program?

Quality - In post-Program surveys, 100% of the participants ranked the Program "Excellent" on all quality criteria.  100% said they would recommend the Program to a colleague.

Scope - Unlike other certificate programs that focus only on federal law, EANJ's HR Administration Certificate Program integrates the unique characteristics of New Jersey statues.

Credibility - Led by Rebecca J. Dent of EANJ, renowned expert in HR regulatory and legislative requirements including compliance with Federal Family Medical Leave Act, NJ Family Leave Act, COBRA, State Plan Disability, Unemployment Compensation, OSHA, federal and State Wage/Hour, among others.

Price - Can't be beat.  Anywhere.

Five, 3 and 1/2-hour Sessions

Sessions 1 & 2: The Mandated Benefit Laws
Sessions 3 & 4: The Leave Laws
Session 5: The Insurance Continuation Laws

Time and Dates

Every Wednesday in March 2017


March 1, 2017

March 8, 2017

March 15, 2017

March 22, 2017

March 29, 2017


Sessions are conveniently located at the EANJ Training Room.
30 West Mt. Pleasant Avenue, Suite 202
Livingston, NJ 07039

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Parking is available on a first-come first-serve basis.  We request that you only park against the rear-wall of the parking lot and not in the spaces directly in front of the building as those are reserved for tenants.  Street parking is also available but please be mindful of the signs.

Registration Fees

$890 per member participant
$800 per member participant for two or more from the same organization
$1,200 non-member participant

Payment due in advance

HRCI Credits  pending

Cancellation Policy

In order for a full refund of registration fees, written cancellation requests must be post-marked 30 days prior to commencement of the first session. Late cancellations will be charged a $250 cancellation fee. In the event a participant must cancel after the program begins, the participant will be refunded on a pro rata basis for future cancelled sessions and charged a $250 cancellation fee.

Your speaker


Director - Research & Special Projects
Employers Association of New Jersey

Becky has been with the Association for over 30 years, providing day-to-day guidance to employers on a wide range of Human Resources procedures and policies, and regulatory and legislative requirements including compliance with Federal Family Medical Leave Act, NJ Family Leave Act, COBRA, State Plan Disability, Unemployment Compensation, OSHA, federal and State Wage/Hour, among others.  In addition to advising companies on specific situations, she is also an experienced educator on Human Resources topics.

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Session Descriptions

Several New Jersey laws make monetary benefits available to provide some financial security for employees unable to work because of involuntary job loss, disability or certain family-related issues.  Some of this benefit is paid by you, the employer, in the form of taxes.  These sessions will explain the provisions of these laws and give tools and guidance to help with administrative compliance, prevent unwarranted benefit payments and provide some measure of cost control.
Unemployment Compensation
        Benefit calculations
        Appeal process
        Cost control techniques

Temporary Disability Benefits
        Private plan option
        Impartial exams

Workers Compensation
        Types of claims
        What is compensable?
        Working with your carrier

Family Leave Insurance
        Weekly/daily Benefit amount
        FL-1 form:  when and how   
Sessions 3 and 4: THE LEAVE LAWS
The rights of employees to take job-protected leave for various reasons can cause scheduling nightmares, administrative headaches….and serious problems if those rights are violated.  This session will explain the mandated “leave laws“in detail and provide practical information and guidance for your day-to-day dealing with leave situations.
Federal Family and Medical Leave
        12 steps to compliance
        Responding to leave requests
        Controlling intermittent leaves
        Medical certification
        Reinstatement rights

New Jersey Family Leave
        Leave requirements   
        Comparison and coordination with federal law
        The maternity case
        Leave as an accommodation
        How long is too long?

New Jersey SAFE Act
        Protections for victims of domestic violence or sexual assault

Military Leave
       Who/what is covered?
       Reinstatement rights


This session explores the legal and practical implications of an employer’s responsibility to continue group health insurance in specific situations, and will explain the steps needed for proper compliance. The regulations concerning continuation coverage are complex, with unforgiving procedural requirements, making a thorough understanding of the rules necessary for day-to-day administration.

        Qualifying events
        Notice requirements

       Military leave insurance
       Coordination w/COBRA

State Continuation Laws
       “Mini-“ COBRA
        Dependents coverage

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