Employee Assistance Program

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employee assistance program

Good employers care about the well-being of employees and their families. 

Drug and alcohol abuse and psychological problems, family/life crisis and other life challenges take their toll on the workplace.  Valued employees are often left to fend for themselves, sometimes with the worst of consequences.  

And sometimes employees and family members just need a helping hand to balance work and family, provide eldercare or day care, or to access financial or legal services.

EANJ's Employee Assistance Program provides employers the tools to help employees and restore them to productivity and well-being.

Managed by Preferred Behavioral Health Group, EANJ members can offer affordable, comprehensive, statewide assistance to employees and family members. Also, an entire series of management and supervisory training can be provided at your location to ensure proper guidance and management of the situation.

Currently, over 7,000 employees and their families are covered by the program.

Package includes 3 in-person counseling sessions, same day emergency appointments, 24/7 toll free hotline, case management, referrals, critical incident management meetings, unlimited eLearning tools, and much more.

Certified New Jersey clinicians, no outsourcing.

Reach out for information regarding pricing based on your company size.

For More Information

Call Tracy Kaplan, Director of Employee Assistance Program at 800-542-0184 or email tkaplan@preferredbehavioral.org

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