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Dedicated exclusively to helping employers in a complex and challenging world with training, advice and access to benefits' plans.

Whether you have one employee or one thousand, the common interest shared by all employers is to attract and retain good people, people in whom you can invest;  in their health, safety  and career development.  GOOD EMPLOYERS will attract and retain GOOD PEOPLE.
Good employers provide healthcare coverage to employees and their families.  
Good employers support the retirement security of employees and their families.
Good employers care about the well-being of employees and their families.
Good employers pay fair and reasonable wages.
Good employers embrace diversity and respect the dignity of individuals.
Good employers make sound and responsible employment decisions.
Good employers strive to be better.


Regardless of the amount of time spent helping a member, each member receives prompt attention, expert assistance and informed guidance from EANJ's professional staff.

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Promoting the cause of dignity and respect in the workplace. Learn more about our 100 year story. 

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