Work Solutions: Productivity, Engagement & Morale

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Work Solutions: Productivity and Morale

The metrics on employee engagement are alarming.  Year after year, Gallup reports that the majority of employees are not engaged at work and that about two in ten are actively disengaged - sleepwalking on the job.  By the same token, engaged workers inspire innovation and success.

The problem, of course, is that this 'engagement gap' burns out good workers as mediocre and poor workers often get a free ride at the expense of better performers.  Indeed, disengaged employees produce on average 50% less revenue than engaged employees.

With a health insurance plan sponsored by EANJ, employers have the tools to engage employees and increase morale, including supplemental benefits, such as gym memberships, nutrition and weight loss programs, pharmacy discounts, pre-paid legal services and identity theft prevention services.

More than that, supervisory training is offered at your location by expert training professionals.  Supervisors learn how to manage employees properly, increase performance and morale and give constructive feedback.  Indeed, Gallup shows how poorly skilled supervisors perpetuate a vicious cycle of negativity and poor performance. EANJ members can ensure that supervisors know what they are doing.

Supervisory Training