Premier Courses

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Key Concepts in Compensation

Compensation plays an essential role in attracting and retaining employees.  This program will provide HR Generalists with information and tools to better understand the concepts of compensation within the overall HR function.

Leadership for a New Age 

Successful organizations understand that collective knowledge building and collaboration within increasingly diverse workplaces are the primary strategic tasks for most firms.  To create a climate in which employees contribute their creativity and expertise, leaders at all levels need to maximize social and cultural competencies. The most engaged professionals are motivated from within and values must be aligned with mission.  

Strategic HR and Effective Business Partnership

As the COVID pandemic becomes a routine challenge and additional obstacles arise in our lives and in our work, employers are continually challenged to embrace new ways of working while remaining safe, healthy and productive. To combat record high levels of burnout, frequent resignations and routine candidate ghosting, we must create a workplace that engages and inspires workers to achieve business goals and objectives.   HRCI and SHRM recertification credits.

Talent Management Training

Establish and strengthen your internal talent pipeline.  According to EANJ Talent Management Survey – 70 percent of employers are currently facing a talent shortage that is negatively impacting their business but do not have a talent management strategy or plan to meet the challenge. Year after year they fumble and muddle through, saying that they lack the time or resources to do anything about it. Finally, here is a program for those employers wanting to step up, adapt and succeed.

Human Resources for Office Managers: How Did I Get Stuck With This? 

In a small business, an office manager may have to wear many hats including assuming the role of human resources generalist. Employees who take on these responsibilities need to be educated on basic and common issues that can arise in hiring and managing employees.  Whether you have one employee or 49, there are laws that a business needs to ensure compliance to avoid liability. This three-day (1) hour webinar is designed to acquaint small employer’s office managers/staff of small businesses with the basics of Human Resources Administration.

Municipal HR: Managing to Avoid Risk

Various factors have converged to increase the frequency of lawsuits against New Jersey municipalities alleging discrimination, harassment and whistleblowing violations. Changes in the law have lowered barriers to litigation, as employees, with or without their unions, have become emboldened to take a chance and sue their employers for a monetary award. Some even use social media to champion their cause. And, of course, as public employees, municipal workers - from police officers to DPW workers – enjoy additional constitutional protections. All of this adds up to municipalities being targets for lawsuits by aggrieved and disgruntled employees.

Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work - An HR Toolkit 

Work stress and job burnout are now classified as medical-occupational syndromes that cost employers tens of millions of dollars in lost productivity, disability and workers’ compensation claims. This two-part Premier Course will provide HR and other professionals with tools to understand and recognize how stress, anxiety, interpersonal conflict and mental illness negatively impacts the business with loss productivity and legal claims.

Employee Handbooks & Policies

An employee handbook is useful for communicating with employees. It allows employers to publish policies and rules in a cost-effective, convenient way. However, handbooks must be reviewed carefully for legal compliance. A properly written employee handbook is a vital tool for every employer. A poorly written handbook - or the absence of one - can land your company in serious legal trouble.

Equal Employment Opportunity Law 

Recent trends in EEOC enforcement, claims and legal developments are making life challenging for employers in managing EEO efforts.  To ensure you are abreast of these developments and their impact on your workplace, EANJ is proud to offer this Premier Course in Equal Employment Opportunity Law.