Premier Courses

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Premier Talent Management NOW ENROLLING

Attracting, developing and retaining top talent takes time, effort and money – all three of which are difficult to come by when the HR team is lean and required to wear many hats each day. It requires moving beyond reactive hiring to planned hiring, This 5-session class is designed for HR staff with responsibilities to recruit, develop and retain talent and who work with management to nurture productivity and resolve disputes.   Sessions are interactive, hands-on and filled with real world exercises. HRCI and SHRM recertification credits approved.

Key Concepts in Compensation  NOW ENROLLING

Compensation plays an essential role in attracting and retaining employees.  This program will provide HR Generalists with information and tools to better understand the concepts of compensation within the overall HR function.

Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work - An HR Toolkit  NOW ENROLLING

Work stress and job burnout are now classified as medical-occupational syndromes that cost employers tens of millions of dollars in lost productivity, disability and workers’ compensation claims. This two-part Premier Course will provide HR and other professionals with tools to understand and recognize how stress, anxiety, interpersonal conflict and mental illness negatively impacts the business with loss productivity and legal claims.

Employee Handbooks & Policies

An employee handbook is useful for communicating with employees. It allows employers to publish policies and rules in a cost-effective, convenient way. However, handbooks must be reviewed carefully for legal compliance. A properly written employee handbook is a vital tool for every employer. A poorly written handbook - or the absence of one - can land your company in serious legal trouble.

Equal Employment Opportunity Law 

Recent trends in EEOC enforcement, claims and legal developments are making life challenging for employers in managing EEO efforts.  To ensure you are abreast of these developments and their impact on your workplace, EANJ is proud to offer this Premier Course in Equal Employment Opportunity Law.