Certificate Programs

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Training. Certification. Professional Enrichment. 

HR Administration Certificate Program - Mastering the Regulations 

Laws - regulations - forms - procedures - rights - responsibilities - these factors impact your job every day, making the complex issues of human resources exciting, ever changing and sometimes overwhelming!  This course will provide you with the tools to better understand the regulations and the steps to take for compliance.  It will introduce best practices and procedures for administration and to insure preservation of your company's rights.  This course will utilize advance reading, lecture and practical exercises to reinforce the ideas taught.

HR Law Certificate Program

More than ever before, employment decisions must be informed with a thorough analysis of downside risks and legal exposure. It is with this need in mind, that EANJ offers the highly acclaimed HR Law Certificate Program, providing a comprehensive, hands-on understanding of the essential legal issues necessary to manage an increasingly sophisticated and diverse workforce.

Affirmative Action Certificate Program

This course is for federal-government contractors.  Attendees will leave with a comprehensive knowledge of Executive Order 11246, enforcing federal Affirmative Action regulations.

Participants will learn what the workforce tells OFCCP; structuring job groups; using the Narrative as a diary of good faith efforts, with a focus on each required subsection; enforcement and audit procedures as well as outreach efforts and practical tips.