The course was extremely informative. I would suggest this course to any business owner who is not versed in labor law issues or simply needs a refresher.

HR Law Program Participant

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed today's seminar. Clearly there was a lot of thought and effort put into delivering such a detailed and up to date presentation and I really appreciate what was provided. The day exceeded my expectations and I look forward to attending upcoming seminars.

Brenda Santillo
Avionic Instruments

Excellent!! This was so useful and I used so much of the information during my day-to-day administration of HR duties. I highly recommend this course! It was great to refresh the skills I acquired at the HR Law Certification Program.

Dottie Kocak
Preferred Behavioral Health of NJ
HR Administration Certificate Program Participant

I walked away from this training with a wealth of information. Becky is an exciting trainer, makes topics interesting and is extremely knowledgeable! I would recommend this seminar to all of my colleagues as well as anyone new to HR or just in need of a refresher course.

Shenae Stanton
Bridgeway Rehabilitation Services
HR Administration Certificate Program Participant

The information was very useful. The topics addressed will allow me to better administer benefits within the guidelines of State and federal law.

Stefanie Miller
Fairleigh Dickenson University
HR Administration Certificate Program Participant

Becky is a dynamic speaker. She is patient with questions and will to help. Class was affordable and EANJ is a valuable resource that I would be lost without!!

Diana Rosario
Specified Technologies
HR Administration Certificate Program Participant

I have worked in human resources for 25 years and I learned something new during each session.

Carol Grofsik
Dewey Electronics
HR Administration Certificate Program Participant

This was an excellent and informative program. I especially enjoyed the example cases which helped me understand how each of the laws work together. Becky has a clear understanding of each topic and did a great job applying the laws to our various situations.

Diane Gucene
TKL Research
HR Administration Certificate Program Participant

EANJ has been a partner with me in human resources for more than 16 years. Membership has enabled me to be abreast of all legislative and regulatory changes, as well as provided reliable, practical and prompt information when issues arise. As a non-profit agency we have benefited tremendously by membership at such a nominal cost.

Maryanne Voag
Director of Human Resources
Visiting Health Services of NJ

I took over HR responsibility as a single HR department. In the past, I always had the benefit of having a team of HR colleagues with a wealth of experience, however, upon joining my current organization I did not have the benefit of the daily interaction...that is until I discovered EANJ. EANJ is just like having an HR powerhouse of knowledge in the office right next door. They are great at assisting me in areas where I need guidance as well as being a sounding board to my recommendations. The service is always responsive and thorough. I certainly recommend them!

Rachael Sobon
Human Resources Manager
CRP Industries Inc.

EANJ membership is invaluable! As the sole HR professional for a small organization, EANJ provides the tools and resources that I need to be successful. I can count on EANJ to keep me current on compliance requirements, trends in HR and to provide direction when I need it. EANJ helps simplify the ever changing world of HR!

Kristen Bell
Human Resources Manager
AAA South Jersey

EANJ is an excellent resource providing guidance and acting as a sounding board with Human Resource issues that often saves us the expense of consulting with others.

John P. McGarry
Laird & Company

EANJ is a fabulous resource to get your questions answered. Their staff is dedicated, professional and always eager to insure that their answers to your questions have been fully explained and all of the potential issues explored. Whether I contact EANJ just once a year or more frequently, just knowing this organization exists provides our company with a high comfort level for knowing we are handling our employment issues correctly.

Richard Shapiro
The Center For Client Retention

EANJ has been my guiding light as to laws and issues in NJ. The fact that EANJ staff are always accessible and knowledgeable, not to mention timely in their response, is a tremendous help to me.

Janet Nicolai
Human Resource Manager

Of all of the associations that my company belongs to, EANJ is definitely one of the most beneficial and incredible groups that we have the pleasure of being members.

Nini Olson
VP Operations
Patel Consultants Corp.

We joined last year and our only regret is that we didn't join sooner. We love the ability to get quick answers to our questions, the educational programs offered and other value added services.

Jane Jacobs
Seton Hall University