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Please fill out the following form for EANJ membership.

Upon approval of your application, a dues invoice and additional information will be sent promptly to you. Annual Dues are calculated according to the size of the company based on the total number of employees in New Jersey (see chart below).

Please list the TOTAL number of employees at ALL NJ Locations.

Number of Employees Dues Range (Approximate)
Minimum Dues (up to 52 employees) $737
53-150 $740-$1,048
151-250 $1,051-$1,366
251-350 $1,369-$1,684
351-450 $1,687-$2,002
451-550 $2,005-$2,320
551-650 $2,323-$2,638
651-724 $2,641-$2,874
Maximum Dues (725 or more employees) $2,877

EANJ is a nonprofit member association dedicated to improving employer-employee relations and facilitating the exchange of information among employers. It does not render legal services or engage in lobbying activity, nor does it directly or indirectly persuade employees concerning their organizing or bargaining rights. EANJ is not an insurance broker. Under no circumstances shall EANJ, its' officers, directors or employees, be liable for consequential, special or punitive damages arising out of any error, omission or breach of duty, the sole remedy being limited to the return of annual membership dues, pro rata, upon a written request to resign from membership.

To the extent that EANJ provides a mechanism for members to purchase goods or services, including but not limited to, health, workers' compensation or liability insurance, EANJ makes no representations, warranties or guarantees about such products or services and members understand that they do not rely on any representation made by EANJ to purchase such goods or services.

Membership is subject to approval by the EANJ Board of Directors

*All members accept membership subject to conditions set forth in the Statement of Dues and expressly agree to be bound by EANJ's Constitution and By-Laws.