EANJ is an Employers Association

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An employer generally gets the employees it deserves.  J. Paul Getty

The obligation of a business is fairness and decency at a minimum.  Beyond that basic responsibility, an employer has a commitment to a common purpose because it hopes to endure.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, the typical business survives for about five years.  Employees usually leave by the fourth year.  Businesses that survive, usually become employers. As they grow, employee relations are usually delegated to a human resource manager.

EANJ is an 'employers' association, not a business, commerce or industry association.  It is dedicated exclusively to helping employers create workplaces that are healthy, productive and engaged.

EANJ members can access benefits' plans, expert advice, supervisory training, staff development programs, self-help tools and more.

EANJ is a nonprofit association.  It does not lobby; nor does it make political contributions.  Established in 1916, EANJ has been leveraging its collective resources for the benefit each and every member for over a century.

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