Amy Vazquez Appointed Vice President of Employers Association

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Effective January 1, 2023, Amy Vazquez will assume the role of Vice President of the Employers Association of New Jersey (EANJ).  

Amy began her career as a Research Assistant with EANJ in 1999, shortly after graduating from Montclair State University.  

“Fresh out of college with a degree in history, the world of employment law compliance was entirely new to me,” Vazquez recalls.  “Working with the members each day and researching their questions, along with the guidance of the EANJ professional staff, provided an optimal environment for me to learn and grow.”

For the past 23 years, Vazquez has kept the EANJ membership informed and up-to-date on current and emerging employment law, including legislative and regulatory compliance mandates, developing case law and agency directives.

Amy regularly teaches courses and advises employers on a wide range of workplace compliance topics, including administering leaves of absence, understanding NJ’s mandated benefits laws, worker classification and wage hour compliance.  She also provides day-to-day guidance on Human Resource best practices and manages EANJ’s legal content for publication.

In her new role as Vice President, Vazquez will work with EANJ’s president, John Sarno, board members and the Association membership in determining strategic priorities for the future.

“EANJ is at a pivotal moment in its 106-year history which provides us with the opportunity to look at who we are now, define our vision for the future and figure out how we will get there,” said Vazquez. “And the members will play an essential role in helping to chart our course forward.”

Amy will continue to work with members on a daily basis and teach classes.  

“Amy is an invaluable partner,” says Sarno.  “Her knowledge base and business acumen has been finely honed throughout her service to the organization. We are all looking forward to her contributions to our strategic vision.”

Amy earned her Master’s Degree in Professional Studies with a focus on HR and Employment Law Compliance at Penn State University.  Additionally, she holds a Certificate in Human Resources Studies from Cornell University and is expected to complete a Certificate Course in Nonprofit Management Essentials through the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in December.

Listen to an interview with Amy here.