EANJ’s 107th Annual Meeting Focuses on Future

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The Employers Association of New Jersey (EANJ) successfully convened its 107th Annual Membership meeting on May 17, 2023.  With a focus on charting the future of the association, the meeting brought together members, staff, board members and friends of EANJ.

“The fact that so many made time in their schedules to attend this meeting provides a sense of our collective purpose, commitment and interest in the continued success of EANJ,” reflected Amy Vazquez, Vice President of the Association, “and it creates great momentum that will carry us into the foreseeable future.”

The highlight of the meeting was the presentation of EANJ’s strategic plan by Vazquez who shared the association’s mission, values and goals for the future.  The plan places a strong emphasis on member engagement, professional development and new initiatives.

The strategic plan was crafted by a strategic planning committee, comprised of EANJ board members and leadership.

Central to the development of the strategic plan was the input and feedback provided by EANJ’s membership.  EANJ conducted a comprehensive membership satisfaction survey, gathering insights and perspectives from a diverse range of members.

To further ensure that member voices were heard and incorporated into the strategic plan, a focus group session was convened. This interactive session provided a platform for in-depth discussions and allowed members to share their thoughts, suggestions, and concerns directly with EANJ's leadership team. The input received during the focus group played a crucial role in shaping the strategic plan and ensuring its alignment with the expectations of EANJ's membership.

“Members are at the center of all that we do,” remarked John Sarno, EANJ’s president, “aligning EANJ’s strategic priorities with the evolving needs of the membership is a critical component of the plan and how the association moves forward.”

In addition to the strategic plan presentation, the Annual Meeting featured an engaging panel discussion titled "Beyond the Pandemic: Reflections and Strategies for Shaping the Future of Work."

The panel was comprised of incoming EANJ board members: Santo Barravecchio of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ; Bill Devitt of Valley National Bank; Shamida Charles-Marc of Our House, Inc. and Rachael Sobon, of Hermann Services Inc.  Marc Wolf of LTS, Inc. was also inducted to EANJ’s board but was unable to be present for the panel discussion.

Panelists shared their insights and experiences regarding the new realities and emerging trends in the workplace.  As professionals working in the filed of HR, each was on the front lines during the pandemic and navigated unprecedented challenges in the workplace that required their organizations to quickly adapt to new ways of work while also ensuring the safety and well being of their employees.

Key takeaways from the discussion included the importance of flexibility; the value of residence; the importance of well-being; and the need for agility.

“We are at a unique point in time having just come through a pandemic,” noted Vazquez who moderated the discussion, “the time is right to look at what we have learned over these past three years and consider what we can do to make work better moving forward.”