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**Free Employer Webinar: NJ's Mandated Benefits - TDI, FLI & Earned Sick Leave**

View a recording of the session here.

No-Cost NJ Mandated Benefits Education Sessions for Your Members

Most employees in the state are eligible for Paid Family Medical Leave benefits and Earned Sick Leave benefits, however navigating these laws can be a challenge for employers as they struggle to understand how these benefits apply their workforce.

To address this issue and provide valuable insights to your members, EANJ is offering a complimentary NJ Mandated Benefits Education Session.  Here is what you can expect:

  1. Comprehensive Understanding – our session will provide an overview of New Jersey’s mandated benefits, focusing on Paid Family Medical Leave and Earned Sick Leave.  We’ll demystify the regulations, eligibility criteria, and how they impact employers.  Our experts will guide attendees through the compliance requirements and help them understand how to implement the benefits while staying in line with state regulations.
  2. Resource Material – we’ll provide attendees with useful resources and tools they can use to navigate NJ’s Mandated Benefits more effectively within their organizations.
  3. Q&A – you members will have the opportunity to ask question and receive advice, ensuring they leave with actionable insights.

Sessions are designed to empower your members, reduce compliance-related stress, and enhance their understanding of these critical benefits, ultimately contributing to a more informed and compliant employer community in NJ.  For more information and to schedule, contact Amy Vazquez

Free Small Business Education