2013 Health Care Reform Workshop - Livingston - New Session Added!

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Location:EANJ Training Room, Livingston
Sponsored by:EANJ


Enacted in 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Act) imposes numerous legal standards on the healthcare market in the United States, changes how healthcare is delivered and purchased by millions of Americans, and creates substantial obligations for healthcare insurance companies, providers and employers.  Many provisions are intended to be funded by a variety of taxes and offsets, most notably a penalty assessed against many employers that do not offer affordable, minimum healthcare coverage to employees.  The Act also requires many employers to report the value of healthcare coverage to employees, report health coverage details to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and to automatically enroll employees into a qualified healthcare plan.  In some cases, eligible employees could purchase their own insurance from a state-managed Health Benefits Insurance Exchange. The Act also gives employers new tools to help employees make better healthcare decisions and to facilitate health and wellness initiatives in the workplace.

Now that New Jersey is required to implement the Act, employers need to prepare for the law’s impact by January 2014, when most of the Act will be fully operational. 

This seminar will cover:

  •     What constitutes a “full-time” employee for coverage,
  •     Automatic enrollment,
  •     The “Shared Responsibility” assessment,
  •     Premium subsidies for employees,
  •     Expansion of employment-based wellness programs
  •     Employee Protection from Discrimination and Retaliation
  •     The function of the NJ Health Benefit Exchange, and
  •     Employer reporting requirements

Location Information:

EANJ Training Room
30 West Mount Pleasant Avenue, Suite 202
Livingston, NJ  07039

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Parking is available on a first-come first-serve basis.  We request that you only park against the rear-wall of the parking lot and not in the spaces directly in front of the building as those are reserved for tenants.  Street parking is also available but please be mindful of the signs.

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Substitutions are permitted, however in order to meet program commitments, cancellations made less than two (2) full working days before the program date or "no-shows", must be charged the full registration fee.  Cancellations should be submitted, in writing, to eanj@eanj.org.