The Affordable Care Act: An American Story

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Location:EANJ Training Room, Livingston
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Enacted in 2010 to transform how Americans accessed healthcare coverage, the Affordable Care Act has been subject to stringent politics and unending litigation. In 2011,  the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the requirement that most Americans have healthcare insurance (actually it held that Congress could tax people for not having insurance).  Since then, hundreds of legislative attempts have been made to derail the ACA and dozens of lawsuits filed to kill it.

But it lives on! While still contentious, tens of thousands of pages of rules and regulations were issued by multiple federal agencies. Many more regulations have been delayed or revised on the fly by the Obama administration.  In  2014 over 9 million Americans purchased healthcare policies directly from an Insurance Marketplace – over 200,000 in New Jersey.   In June, another big shoe will fall as the Court once again decides to either pull the plug or resuscitate the ACA. At stake is whether millions of Americans (including 85% of New Jerseyans who bought polices on the Marketplace and receive subsidy) will remain eligible for the subsidies that help make health insurance affordable.  Without the receipt of subsidies, employers cannot be penalized for not offering health insurance. Nevertheless, the most recent Kaiser Health Tracking Poll finds few people are paying attention to the King v. Burwell case at this time. More than half the public (56 percent) says they have heard "nothing at all" about the case, and another three in 10 say they have heard "only a little." Just 14 percent say they have heard "some" or "a lot" about the case.

The continuing saga of the Affordable Care Act is an American story and as employers, members of the community and citizens, it is a story worth knowing.
How did we get here? How are the dots connected and what is on the horizon that will impact the healthcare market for employers and employees alike? Join John Sarno, president of the Employers Association of NJ for a fascinating and enlightening conversation. All the twists and turns and a few humble predictions.

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EANJ Training Room
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