JSAHR Meeting on Healthcare

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Location:Jumping Brook Country Club, Neptune
Sponsored by:JSAHR

The Affordable Care Act imposes numerous legal standards on the healthcare market in the United States, changes how healthcare is delivered and purchased by millions of Americans, and creates substantial obligations for healthcare insurance companies, providers and employers. Many provisions are intended to be funded by a variety of taxes and offsets, most notably a penalty assessed against many employers that do not offer affordable, minimum healthcare coverage to employees.

The Act also requires many employers to report the value of healthcare coverage to employees, report health coverage details to the Internal Revenue Service and to automatically enroll employees into a qualified healthcare plan. In some cases, eligible employees could purchase their own insurance from a state-managed Health Benefits Insurance Exchange. The Act also gives employers new tools to help employees make better healthcare decisions and to facilitate health and wellness initiatives in the workplace

Objectives: During this presentation, participants will learn:

  • The mechanics of the Health Insurance Marketplace Health insurance standards
  • Employer notice requirement
  • ¬†Employee health plan choices
  • The role of the Navigator
  • Subsidy eligibility
  • Employee protections and legal remedies

John Sarno will be a guest speaker at the Jersey Shore Association for Human Resources Meeting on Healthcare on February 20, 2014 at the Jumping Brook Country Club in Neptune.