Leadership for a New Age

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Five Thursdays in March, 2022
Sponsored by:EANJ

What does it mean when an employer says that employees are its most important assets or that employees drive business growth?

Successful organizations understand that collective knowledge building and collaboration within increasingly diverse workplaces are the primary strategic tasks for most firms.  To create a climate in which employees contribute their creativity and expertise, leaders at all levels need to maximize social and cultural competencies. Decision-making must be fair and ethical.  Trust and commitment must be instilled within the team to avoid conflict and to maximize team contributions. The most engaged professionals are motivated from within and values must be aligned with mission.   

The hard work of supervision and leadership at all levels is to nurture an open, safe environment where information is freely shared and expectations for performance are transparent. The measure of the leader’s success is how well they inspire employees to not only to perform their best, but also to perform at the highest level of trust, sharing and cooperation.

Five Online Sessions

Sessions are online, two hours each, from 9 – 11:00am EST and designed for aspiring leaders and professionals with one to five years of experience in business, government, nonprofits.   Sessions are interactive and filled with real world assessments, exercises and discussions.

Session 1 - Professional and Ethical Presence -
Session 2 – Establishing Social Capital
Session 3 - DEI: Not just color, race or sex
Session 4 – Leadership Presence
Session 5 – Conflict Resolution

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