NJ Equal Pay Laws

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Location:EANJ Training Room, Livingston
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The NJ Law Against Discrimination (LAD) now prohibits employers from retaliating against employees for requesting information about current and former employees, including job title, occupational category and rate of compensation, including bonuses and benefits, as well the gender, race, ethnicity, military status or national origin of current or former employees. Additionally, most employers must now distribute a copy of an Equal Pay notice: (1) to all employees; (2) at the time of an employee's hiring; (3) to all employees annually on or before December 31 of each year; and (4) at any time upon the first request of an employee. Further, the distributed notice must be accompanied by an acknowledgment to be signed (or electronically verified) by the employee, affirming that the employee has read and understands the notice.

Among other things, the laws facilitate investigations into wage discrimination by current and former employees and lawyers, which includes bonuses, “other compensation” and benefits. While the law does not require disclosure of information, it raises complex issues on how to handle such requests and the types of polices an employer is permitted to have.  It also raises difficult issues about the disclosure of confidential and proprietary information considering that LAD already protects employees who “aid or encourage” other employees in pursuing their legal rights.

This session will cover both laws as well as federal and state equal pay statutes.


John Sarno is president and general counsel of the Employers Association of New Jersey (EANJ), a non-profit trade association. John has litigated employment cases in State and Federal courts and has argued landmark cases before the Federal Courts of Appeal. John advises companies in many areas of employment and labor law, including EEO, ADA, sexual harassment, wrongful discharge, drug and alcohol testing and employment discrimination. Author of numerous articles and a book helping employer’s stay out of court, John has extensive experience as a trainer in various management issues.

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