The Promise and Peril of the Affordable Care Act - Garden State SHRM

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Location:Atlantic City, NJ
Sponsored by:Garden State SHRM

The Affordable Care Act has created a new era for employers, both large and small. About half of New Jersey employers offer health coverage to employees. EANJ has conducted statewide meetings, many sponsored by SHRM chapters, since 2011 explaining the ACA to employers, specifically how health plan coverages, choices and prices would change. At first, many employers thought that they were excluded from the law, or simply relied on their brokers to figure things out. That changed when they received notice that their healthcare plans were canceled because they failed to meet ACA requirements. This year, many employers paid higher premiums and raised deductibles to the limit. Some have been priced out of the market and employees have purchased their own on the health insurance marketplace. Some midsized employers are considering self insurance. Primarily in response to the ACA, EANJ launched an employers health care trust - Affiliated Physicians & Employer Health Plan. About 1,000 small and midsize employers are employers are enrolled in the Plan, with 50 employers joining every month. Looking ahead, employers are looking at how they are classifying employees, such as full time, part time and temporary status to meet ACA requirements in 2015.

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October 19-21

John's Session

October 21st, 8:30am

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