Telling Your Own Fortune: Creating Realistic Financial Projections

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Location:Willingboro, NJ
Sponsored by:UCEDC

Whether you’re just starting out or creating your first projected budget after many years in business, attaching dollar amounts to future expenses and revenue can feel mystical, at best. It doesn’t need to.

This free workshop will empower you to collect and synthesize relevant data from past experience and outside sources, grounding the experience in fiscal reality.

After this workshop, you’ll be better prepared to:

  •     Identify key sources for reliable information about your business’ finances—even if you’re not in business yet!
  •     Use what you do know to support what you don’t know
  •     Set up financial statements that clearly show your projections
  •     Use your projections to set benchmarks and measurable goals for your business

Don’t struggle with managing your finances.  Attend this event and learn how to develop realistic financial projections for your business for a brighter future.

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