Understanding the Workers Comp, FMLA, and ADA Triangle

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Location:EANJ Training Room, Livingston
Sponsored by:EANJ

New Jersey’s Workers’ Compensation Act provides for both medical and financial benefits to employees who suffer a work-related injury or illness.  But often, workers’ compensation isn’t the only law which comes into play in these situations.  Employers need to also consider the Family Medical Leave Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act when managing workers’ compensation cases.

Join Robin Ross, Andree Laney and Amy Vazquez as we discuss the complexities of these laws and the ways in which they overlap.  Questions to be addressed include:

•    Can an employer terminate someone on workers’ comp?
•    Does FMLA apply during periods of workers’ comp?
•    Can an employer require an employee to use paid time off during their period of disability?
•    Must an employer have light duty and, if so, can it be limited to workers comp?
•    Are there other accommodations that are required?
•    What is retaliation?
•    When can an employer obtain a fitness for duty report?
•    What are the medical privacy issues that an employer should know?

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Location Information:

EANJ Training Room
30 West Mount Pleasant Avenue, Suite 202
Livingston, NJ  07039

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