Avoiding Wrongful Termination Liability for COVID-19 Issues

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Speaker:John J. Sarno

N.J Executive Order 122 requires employers to follow guidelines and directives issued by the New Jersey Department of Health, the CDC and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration for maintaining a clean, safe and healthy work environment. The Order also requires employers to provide, at their expense, personal protective items and to take other actions.

Under existing worker protection law, employees may disclose health and safety violations and refuse to work in an unsafe workplace or may take other individual or collective action.   Employers face substantial liability for taking adverse employment or other retaliatory action.  

What will be covered:

  • Executive Order 122
  • OSHA and CDC Guidance
  • N.J. Conscientious Employee Protection Act
  • National Labor Relations Act


John J. Sarno, EANJ


This session is complimentary, but registration is required