COBRA Revisited

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Speaker:Rebecca Dent

COBRA is a federal law that requires the continuation of group health coverage to certain individuals upon termination or other events.  This law has been around for 25 years, and remains a source of confusion and a cause of missteps for many employers.

Recently, the IRS released revised guidance for their auditors to use in conducting COBRA compliance audits. These guidelines address the types of information that will be requested from a company during an audit of their COBRA procedures. While not specifically stating that IRS enforcement efforts will increase, the guidance does create a very effective framework for doing so. Employers need to look at their COBRA administration practices now, and take steps to discover problems before the IRS does.

Liability for errors remains with the employer, whether COBRA is administered in-house or through a third party. Therefore, this webinar will be of interest to all COBRA covered organizations.

The program will include an overview of COBRA, with an emphasis on the areas included in the audit guidance, including -

  • Types of company documentation required:
    • COBRA procedures manual; internal audit procedures; sample notices (the forms); etc.
  • Company procedures/practices:
    • Communications with plan administrators, employees, qualified beneficiaries; timing of notices; premiums charged/collected; employment terminations; gross misconduct "clarified"   
  • Penalties for violations:
    • Who is liable; IRS calculation of excise tax; self-reporting


Rebecca Dent

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