Marijuana and the NJ Workplace

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Speaker:Andree Laney and Michael Kelly

April marks the one-year anniversary of legalized recreational marijuana sales in NJ and employers continue to have questions and concerns surrounding the impact on their workplaces.  In this webinar, we will address the legal and practical strategies to address NJ’s legalization of recreational marijuana in your workplace. NJ’s Cannabis Regulatory Enforcement Assistance, and Marketplace Modernization Act (“CREAMMA”) (along with the Jake Honig Compassionate Use Medical Cannabis Act) created a new set of questions and concerns for employers.

EANJ staff member, Andrée Laney, Esq., and Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) instructor, Michael Kelly of Drug Impairment Consulting and Experts LLC,  will explore the ways in which employers can develop compliant practices to ensure the ongoing productivity, safety, and professionalism of their staff. In particular, we will consider such questions as:

  • whether, when and how employers can still drug test candidates;
  • how an employer can determine if an employee is impaired by marijuana;
  • how should an employer identify whom to train to recognize impaired employees;
  • how should employer train individuals to recognize impaired employees;
  • how training for employers differs from training for DREs (drug Recognition Expert);
  • what employers can (and cannot) do if someone tests positive for marijuana;
  • whether and when employers can refer employees to EAP;
  • how must employers accommodate medical marijuana at work;
  • can employers discipline employees for having cannabis products at work;
  • can employers prohibit off-duty marijuana use; and
  • the lessons we can learn from states that preceded NJ in legalizing recreational marijuana.


Andrée Laney, Esq
Employers Association of New Jersey

Michael Kelly
Drug Impairment Consulting and Experts LLC

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