The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination in the Workplace

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Speaker:NJ Division on Civil Rights

All employees are entitled to a workplace that is inclusive and free from discrimination. This training will provide an overview of how the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD) protects employees from harassment and discrimination. Through case studies and other interactive exercises, participants will examine the rights afforded to all employees and the responsibilities of employers to protect those rights. Topics include what constitutes a hostile work environment, workplace accommodation requirements, employer liability, and reporting processes. Participants will also explore the ways in which implicit biases can lead to discrimination, and how to foster respectful environments in which discrimination and harassment are not tolerated.


This is a complimentary session, however, registration is required

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Continuing the Conversation Handout

Training Expectations

•    Participants should log onto training as individuals, not in groups
•    Participants should use a laptop or desktop computer when possible – phones and tablets are permitted but discouraged
•    Participants should have their cameras on when possible
•    Participants are expected to take part in polls and conversations
•    Participants are expected to arrive on time