NJ Paid Leave Outreach Collaborative: Workplace Culture

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Speaker:Guest Speaker Scott Behson

Workplace culture is a significant factor in the success of any organization.  Forward-thinking workplaces, where employers value each employee and recognize the need to support workers as whole people, goes a long way in attracting and retaining top talent.  Paid Family Leave is a key component in fostering work-life balance.  Join us to discuss how cultural norms, beliefs, and attitudes that exist in workplaces and society about caregiving and paid leave, affect who takes it.

This is the second meeting of the new NJ Paid Leave Outreach Collaborative and we hope you will join us and invite others to attend as well! The Collaborative is dedicated to bringing together a diverse range of organizations from across the state to discuss the value of paid leave and how we can increase awareness, understanding and access to paid leave benefits available here in New Jersey.

Please join the conversation on Wednesday, September 22 on Zoom from 10am - 11:30.
Among other discussion topics, we will welcome guest presenter Scott Behson, management professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University and the author of the Working Dad’s Survival Guide and his new book, The Whole-Person Workplace: Building Better Workplaces through Work-Life, Wellness, and Employee Support.
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