Recognizing and Responding to Microaggressions

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Speaker:NJ Division on Civil Rights

Microaggressions are subtle acts of exclusion that many people routinely experience and struggle to address. This interactive, virtual training will explore the ways that microaggressions manifest in our daily lives and impact our relationships with others. Through examples and discussion, participants will deepen their understanding of microaggressions and investigate effective strategies for responding to microaggressions that they experience and commit. Participants will also learn about the NJ Law Against Discrimination and how microaggressions can contribute to hostile environment harassment and disparate treatment. This deeper dive into the topic of microaggressions requires a basic understanding of implicit bias.


NJ Division on Civil Rights


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Continuing the Conversation Handout

Training Expectations

•    Participants should log onto training as individuals, not in groups
•    Participants should use a laptop or desktop computer when possible – phones and tablets are permitted but discouraged
•    Participants should have their cameras on when possible
•    Participants are expected to take part in polls and conversations
•    Participants are expected to arrive on time