Secure Choice & EANJ’s Retirement Savings Solution

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Speaker:James O’Donoghue

Secure Choice legislation mandates employers with 25 or more employees must offer a retirement savings plan. Those that do not, will be enrolled in the New Jersey Secure Choice plan or face substantial financial penalties.  Join us for this program to learn more about the New Jersey Secure Choice Savings Program, which takes effect June 30th, and what it means for your business.  

As an EANJ member, you have access to enhanced solutions that will satisfy your business requirement to offer a retirement plan. Through a Multiple Employer Plan (MEP), EANJ members have the opportunity to join with other employers and leverage power in numbers. Get access to customizable, fiduciary-managed, top-shelf plans with very low expense ratios.

The discussion will be led by James O’Donoghue from BCG Securities, the provider of EANJ's Retirement Savings Program. O’Donoghue will discuss how a Multi-Employer Plan can be a cost-effective way to customize a 401(k) for your organization, while saving you time and providing best-in-class service for you and your employees.

There is no cost to attend this session.  Registration required.

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