Government Contractors Beware

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If you are a federal contractor and are selected for a compliance review by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCCP), the enforcement agency for federal Affirmative Action obligations, beware that they will check with other government agencies to determine your company's compliance with laws enforced by those agencies.  The OFCCP will check with both the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the State Affirmative Action Offices to see if the contractors they are currently reviewing have had any complaints against them or have been found to be in non-compliance with the state affiliate.  The OFCCP will make these inquiries just before, or at the same time, they send out notification of compliance review letters.  The OFCCP wants to know all about a contractor, including it's complaint history prior to completing a review.  The purpose is to determine if a contractor has a pattern of discriminatory or no-compliant past practices.

Also be aware that government contractors who have had a compliance review at this year will be receiving a questionnaire from the OFCCP.  The purpose of their survey is to determine contractor burden when asked for compensation data at the desk audit stage.  Participation in the survey is voluntary and has a sixty-day response deadline.  Although voluntary, it is strongly suggested that you give the agency feedback on the redundancy and time-consuming burden added to their compliance review process.

For further information contact Barbara Cordasco, EANJ (973) 758-6800.