Minimum Wage, Maximum Benefit Rates and Penalties Increase for 2023

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Minimum Wage

New Jersey’s minimum wage for most workers will increase to $14.13 per hour beginning January 1, 2023.  

Maximum Benefit Rates

The NJ Department of Labor has increased the maximum weekly benefits for claims filed in 2023:

Workers' Compensation Rate: $1,099 per week

Temporary Disability Benefit Rate: $1,025 per week

Family Leave Insurance: $1,025 per week

Unemployment Compensation Rate: $830 per week.

Unemployment Penalties

Governor Murphy has signed new legislation aimed at expediting the speed at which unemployment claims are paid out.  The new law also imposes harsher penalties on employers who don’t provide information about jobless claims within seven days to the NJ Department of Labor – from $25 every 10 days to $500 daily.