**Special HR Alert - New Mandatory Poster/Notice Requirement for NJ Employers

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The NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development has issued a new, 6-page mandatory poster/notice detailing an employers obligation to maintain and report employment records under various NJ wage, benefit and tax laws.

The new notice must be conspicuously posted in a place accessible to all employees.  While the regulations are unclear as to when precisely the poster should go up, EANJ recommends that it go up immediately.

Additionally, employers must distribute the notice to all current employees by no later than December 7, 2011.  Employees hired after November 7, 2011 must be provided a copy of the notice upon hire.  Electronic posting on an internet or intranet will satisfy the posting requirement provided all employees have access to such system.  Further, distribution of the notice via email will satisfy the distribution requirement.

Employers subject to the posting/notice requirement are those required to keep records under various NJ statutes, including Wage Payment Law, Wage and Hour Law, Prevailing Wage Act, Unemployment, Temporary Disability, Family Leave Insurance, Workers’ Compensation and the Gross Income Tax Act.

Penalty for failure to post is a fine of up to $1,000.

Click here to access poster.