Annual Meeting

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Every year, EANJ members convene to hear from the association's President and officers, including its Treasurer. The Annual Meeting provides a forum for peer to peer discussion on best practices and offers an opportunity to gain insight into the year's most important issues.

EANJ's 103rd Annual Membership Meeting

New Jersey's Blue Wave: Will Employers Sink or Swim
Tuesday, May 7, 2019

NJ Blue Wave

Our May 7th meeting was spectacular and we hope that you enjoyed it. 

2018-2019 has been nearly an unprecedented time frame for New Jersey employers. Even a partial list of legislative enactments and executive orders poses daunting challenges:

Earned Sick Pay, Expanded Family Leave, Equal Pay, Worker Classifications, Paycheck Fairness – Wage Theft, Legalized Marijuana, Mandatory Health Coverage, Mandatory Retirement Accounts . . .

The Program examined all of the major, pressing issues faced by employers today and shared EANJ’s recent polling and survey data.  Below, please find related resources.

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