Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training in the Age of COVID

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With OSHA moving to require many employers to vaccinate employees  or submit to weekly testing, the continuing pandemic is exacerbating workplace conflicts, as resentments have found a new outlet over the vaccine.

A diverse group of people - white, Black, Hispanic, Democrat, Republican — are unvaccinated; and many will continue to remain that way.   

Many vaccinated Americans are tired, disgusted and eager to assign blame.  Thus, DEI  training has a whole new meaning in this potentially divided workplace.

Unvaccinated persons, which include political objectors, but also people with disabilities, religious objectors and some people of color  (due to historical factors ), and fence-sitters (for personal reasons) – may resent being lumped together and written off or treated as a monolith.

This  training, live onsite (with safety protocols) or online, will help employers maintain a productive and conflict-free culture during the vaccine rollout and will cover:

  • Diversity: Not just color, race or sex
  • Vaulting the “brick wall” of resistance
  • Respect and Re-connecting Common Goals
  • Teamwork
  • Conflict Resolution

Costs start at $990 for 1-hour session, $1,250 per 2-hour session and $1,550 per 3-hour session.  Spanish interpretation available for additional fee.  For more information, please contact John Sarno at john@eanj.org


Andree Laney
Andree Laney
John Sarno
John Sarno