Human Resources for Office Managers: Getting through 2021

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With the emergence of COVID-19,  a public health and economic crisis placed an immense strain on many small businesses in New Jersey, which led to  unprecedented complexity for office managers who had more or less been thrown into a new and perilous role of understanding and administering new laws and regulations.  
As 2021 begins, office managers at small businesses are still passing through a period of supreme test - a test of intelligence, of fortitude, and of resilience, says John Sarno, president of the Employers Association of New Jersey (EANJ).
“The pandemic wreaked havoc on many small businesses because even on a good day, human resources management was not much of a concern. For example, one of our pre-pandemic surveys showed that many office managers at a small business were unaware that family leave insurance, a mandatory benefit in New Jersey, was applicable to them,” he says.  
In a small business, an office manager may have to wear many hats including assuming the role of human resources generalist. Employees who take on these responsibilities need to be educated on basic and common issues that can arise in hiring and managing employees.  
Whether you have one employee or 49, there are laws that a business needs to ensure compliance to avoid liability.
That’s why EANJ is offering a convenient program to help office managers and HR generalists at small businesses to do their jobs.
This three-day (1) hour webinar is designed to acquaint small employer’s office managers/staff of small businesses with the basics of Human Resources Administration.
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