HR Law Certificate Program

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More than ever before, employment decisions must be informed with a thorough analysis of downside risks and legal exposure. It is with this need in mind, that EANJ offers the highly acclaimed HR Law Certificate Program, providing a comprehensive, hands-on understanding of the essential legal issues necessary to manage an increasingly sophisticated and diverse workforce.


As you will see, the HR LAW CERTIFICATE PROGRAM stands second to none in quality, credibility, expertise and price. Each session is led by EANJ’s professional staff experts.  In addition to the collective knowledge of this expert professional team, participants will interact and network with peer professionals from a variety of organizations and firms. Not just for HR professionals, the HR LAW CERTIFICATE PROGRAM will enable any manager to succeed in today’s challenging and complex workplace.


The sessions in this program focus on the critical knowledge you need and through interaction with a team of experts provide practical suggestions for applying this knowledge on the shop floor or in the executive suite. Participants must complete five of six sessions to earn a certificate. As a permanent acknowledgement of your completion of the HR Certificate Program, you will receive a personalized framed Certificate of Achievement. This Certificate is a tangible and visible reminder to you and your colleagues of your commitment to professional growth and excellence.


Quality - In post-Program surveys, 100% of participants ranked the program as meeting or exceeding expectations. 100% stated that they would recommend the Program to a colleague. 98% ranked the Program "Excellent" on all quality criteria.

Scope - Unlike other certificate programs that focus only on federal law, EANJ's HR Certificate Program integrates the unique characteristics of New Jersey law. This is essential to participants' knowledge base, considering that state law is often stricter and more onerous.

Credibility - EANJ frequently teams with the federal and state agencies that enforce fair labor standards and employment laws. EANJ has been recognized officially by the EEOC, OFCCP and the US Department of Justice, and its training sessions have been endorsed by the NJ Department of Labor. No equivalent program can leverage this important credibility factor.

Price - Half the price of equivalent programs. Enough said.

Download 2020 Brochure Below for Session Descriptions, Dates, Times & Cost.