Wage Hour Webinar Series

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Wage hour

Major developments in New Jersey have greatly expanded employer risk regarding wage-hour law compliance. It’s no coincidence that the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), together with the NJ Wage and Hour and Wage Payment laws, account for the majority of labor law violations committed by employers.  Three significant developments this year – the crackdown on the use of independent contractors; the increase in the salary level test for exempt employees; and the passage of the so-called “wage theft” bill - require even experienced HR professionals to be up-to-speed with a solid understanding of these complex rules and regulations.  

Join EANJ and Genova Burns for this three-part webinar series focusing on what you need to know to stay compliant and avoid costly violations.  Register for individual sessions and pay as you go, or take advantage of our discounted pricing when you register and pay in advance (see details below).

Dates to be announced

Session 1 –  Employee or Independent Contractor

  • Practical differences between employees and contractors;
  • Different tests used by different government agencies for determining contractor status (Economic Realities, IRS Test, NJ’s “ABC” test);
  • Misclassification liabilities and implications under new “Wage Theft” law;
  • Auditing your workforce to assure proper classification;
  • Best practices and practical tips when working with contractors.

Session 2 –  Exemptions Update: New Salary Threshold

  • NEW: Increased exempt employee salary level;
  • Focus on executive, administrative, professional, computer and outside sales exemptions;
  • Comprehensive review of exemption criteria: salary level, salary basis and duties tests;
  • Understanding proper deductions from an exempt employee;
  • Highly Compensated employees;
  • Safe-Harbor

Session 3 –  Preparing for a Department of Labor Wage Hour Audit

  • Understanding the audit process;
  • The difference between federal and state audits;
  • Identifying and preparing to address wage hour/wage issues and exposures;
  • Determining the scope of the investigation;
  • Gathering documents;
  • Tips on working with the investigator;
  • Employee interviews;
  • Federal PAID program;
  • Post audit procedures and appeals


James M. Burns
Genova Burns

     James Burns

John R. Vreeland
Genova Burns

     John Vreeland

Amy M. Vazquez

     Amy Vazquez

Discount Pricing

Register for all three for the discounted price of $165  Payment due in advance.  In order for the discounted pricing to apply, you must register by no later than October 20, 2019.  If you miss a live session, a recording will be made available to you – no refunds will be given.  HRCI and SHRM credits are available for live sessions only.

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An invoice will be sent out along with instructions for how to gain access to sessions.

Individual sessions

Registration for individual sessions will take place on a rolling basis.  Click the specific session(s) above you are interested in for more information.   Pricing is as follows:

$60 for EANJ Members & SHRM Partners
$95 for Non-members

  Each session has been awarded one (1) HRCI Credit and (1) SHRM-CP/SCP

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