NJ Employers Subject to Expansive and Criminal Penalties Under Newly Enacted Wage-Hour Overhaul

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Legislation has been signed into law targeting the practice of “wage theft," which is the practice of failing to pay employees their agreed-upon lawful wages.

Employers who violate NJ’s Wage and Hour and Wage Payment laws by not paying minimum wage, overtime or failing to pay for all hours worked, among other things, will now be subject to extensive fines and penalties, including treble (triple) damages, administrative fines and penalties, and both civil and criminal penalties.  

The new law also extends the statute of limitations from two years to six years; prohibits retaliation against employees; extends liability for violations of a business’s sub-contractors; and allows the Commission of Labor to issue stop-work orders and suspensions of business licenses.  Additionally, the names of employers who have violated the laws, including the specifics of the violation, will be posted on a public website maintained by the NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development.  EANJ members: Read complete summary here.

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