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Premier Course

An employee handbook is useful for communicating with employees. It allows employers to publish policies and rules in a cost-effective, convenient way. However, handbooks must be reviewed carefully for legal compliance. A properly written employee handbook is a vital tool for every employer. A poorly written handbook - or the absence of one - can land your company in serious legal trouble.  Depending on how they are written, company policies about at-will employment, confidentiality, harassment, termination and benefits can work for or against you in a dispute. Learn about best practices in preparing and updating handbooks. Get tips on how to deal with the explosion of social media and how to avoid potential legal liabilities in the workplace.

This Premier Course provides a complete and up-to-date summary of laws, court decisions and other rules, regulations and orders relating to employee handbooks.

Three Sessions

Sessions will be 3-hours each from 9am to 12noon, online and in-person.

Dates to be announced

Who Should Attend:

Senior HR managers and in-house lawyers


John Sarno is president and general counsel of the Employers Association of New Jersey (EANJ), a non-profit trade association. John has litigated employment cases in State and Federal courts and has argued landmark cases before the Federal Courts of Appeal. John advises companies in many areas of employment and labor law, including EEO, ADA, sexual harassment, wrongful discharge, drug and alcohol testing and employment discrimination. Author of numerous articles and a book helping employer?s stay out of court, John has extensive experience as a trainer in various management issues.

Nothing in this class is intended to assist employers to directly or indirectly, persuade employees concerning organizing or bargaining.

Session Content

Session 1

  • At will employment and implied handbook promises
  • Handbook disclaimers
  • Personnel files and employment records
  • Electronic communications
  • Social network policies
  • Policies on discussion of wages

Session 2

  • Language and life style considerations 
  • Discrimination 
  • Harassment and hostile workplace policies
  • Retaliation and whistleblowing
  • Policies on investigations
  • Discipline and code of conduct violations

Session 3

  • Solicitation and distribution policies
  • Other union-free polices
  • Workplace safety, drug and alcohol use
  • Medical examinations

HRCI credits

Each participant will be eligible to receive 2.75 HRCI credits per weekly session

Attendance and Requirements:

There will be 3 total sessions, each lasting 3 hours.  Sessions will be online and in-person. Sessions will start at 9:00 AM. Participants should have copy of their company's employee handbook.


Live sessions are conveniently located at the EANJ Training Room. (Online session participants will be sent a link to join).
30 West Mt. Pleasant Avenue, Suite 202
Livingston, NJ 07039

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The cost of this Premier Course is $300 for EANJ members, non-members $500. Payment must be made via PayPal, Credit Card or check.

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Cancellations must be received by (date to be determined) . Refunds will not be granted for any cancellations after this time.